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The Lament of the English Language

September 12th, 2006, 4:18 pm

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Author's Comments:

Boo, September 12th, 2006, 4:34 pm

Oh, and I'd just like to say that I intend no offense to any people who use the above. I don't always use perfect grammar/spelling.

As long as I can understand what you're trying to say, it's cool.

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User's Comments:

Genericperson#59, September 12th, 2006, 4:24 pm

Oh... my... god... I play World of Warcraft, RuneScape, and on Battle.Net, and this comic describes my feelings towards 99.99% of the other people that go there and play those games.

Sophistemon (Guest), September 12th, 2006, 4:24 pm

Are you sure... ... that you want to do this? A leet-speaker may turn out to be an irritating character to write for.

Other than that, still love the comic. Keep it up!

Boo, September 12th, 2006, 4:26 pm

He probably won't end up being a permanent character.

And I'd just like to make one statement:

I regret nothing.

Sophistemon (Guest), September 12th, 2006, 4:29 pm

Oh, well in that case... Just promise that you'll kill him off in an amazingly horrible fashion.

Boo, September 12th, 2006, 4:32 pm

I dunno. I just had a funny idea that involved him being a bard a la Thom Merrilin.

Leetspeak = high chant
Horrible spelling/grammar = middle chant
No capitals/grammar = common chant.

Sophistemon (Guest), September 12th, 2006, 4:38 pm

Sounds good, though I don't know who Thom Merrilin is.

Boo, September 12th, 2006, 4:39 pm

Oh, and comic has been changed. Is this a bit better?

I'm trying not to offend anyone.

TinSoldier (Guest), September 12th, 2006, 4:43 pm

"Sorry, I'm not fluent in stupid."


That reminds me of "Don't get stuck on stupid."

Ego Slayer, September 12th, 2006, 5:08 pm

d00d +h4+5 |_1x3 +0++4|_|_Y 4\/\/50M3!


Rivik, September 12th, 2006, 5:47 pm

еÐ3 £0£23r$ wh¥ Ð0 ¥0µ pµ7 1n 4 £337 $p34|{1n9 (h4r4(73r? 17 $33m$ |{1nÐ 0ƒ w31rÐ. £0£ R1v1|{ 0µ7 n3wb$!

Ego Slayer, September 12th, 2006, 7:09 pm

Spectacular job there Rivik. It hurt my eyes to read that. ^_^

Mythic, September 12th, 2006, 8:12 pm

that was hard to read Rivik

Saithis, September 13th, 2006, 8:23 am

-/0|-||2 1337 5|>34|< 15 1/-/|=3|210|2 70 /-/-1/-/3! 1 4/-/- 7|-|3 1337 |-|4><><0|2Z!!!

0|-|, 4/-/|) 1 7|-|0|_|67 |21\/1|<'5 -/-/45 9|_|173 345-/ 70 |234|).

Ego Slayer, September 13th, 2006, 11:06 am

Holy Nine Hells... I'm not even going to try. =O

Rivik, September 13th, 2006, 3:51 pm

Hey, I use to play Warcraft nonstop. I only spoke l33t.

Rivik, September 13th, 2006, 3:53 pm

Oh and saithis said something about my speak being easy to read, and oh my god this elite speak is all something something.

Malekith, November 14th, 2006, 2:52 pm

... trust me l33t speak gets REALLY annoying when youre trying to play WoW on an rp realm and some jerk keeps screaming about how he pwned some n00b...

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